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Dance & Gymnastics


When you book your dance school or gymnastic league with Schoolhouse Photos, you will notice a few things about us that set us apart from other photography companies. 

Traditionally dancers/athletes are provided with limited photo options. We are excited to be able to provide a quality product that gives you diverse options and various poses. Our goal is always to remain true to your children’s personalities, incorporating their uniqueness into each photo we take. 

Additionally, our delivery system allows for fun extras such as sibling photos, beautiful action silhouettes, and a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from. 

  • Planning and scheduling to make sure each athlete has the proper individual attention. 
  • Using Photoday system we allow you to view your images before purchasing. Gone are they days of ordering blindly from a paper order form. 
  • We now offer private galleries or group ones. Fill out a contact form to learn more. 
  • More product options than ever, and we direct ship products so the schools are no longer tasked with handing out orders to each family. 
  • Direct communication, your contact at the gym/school will fill you in on important dates however we will send out reminders before hand with instructions for the day of to ensure that your star is ready! 
  • Creativity, ease and communication is our key to make picture day with Schoolhouse Photos a success. We have a wonderful reputation and would love to ensure that we bring out the best in each child!