Our clients are our Partners!

With over 60 years of combined experience the SchoolHouse Photos team offers your school or sports team a service that is precise. Having our product fine tuned so that it is easy for school and sports staff to schedule and have done in one day. We provide an easy to order system that includes or combines order forms and online sales to accommodate all families. With online proofing families can see their child’s photos before ordering which allows for less traffic between the parents, school, sports team & SchoolHouse Photos Team. 

We are not a large corporation, but instead a local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky based business created by Michael Snyder. With a passion for photography, people and an obsession with details he found that the school photos his own children brought home lacked something. Something he believed he could provide, a confident kid! He and his business partner at the time began to build and create a formula for beautiful school & Sports portraits over ten years ago that not only would make parents happy but also make each kid feel like a champ!  Today he has also developed a team of photographers and administrators who work together to deliver products to thousands of families across the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area. Contact us today to find out how you and your school, sports team, or beyond can become apart of the SchoolHouse Photos family of confident kids! 


We are constantly introducing new techniques and technologies into our services to provide the highest quality photos with a fast turn around time. Making the bridge between parents and the photos as short as possible!

Deeply Committed

We are a local small business with an excellent reputation to maintain which means we will work harder to earn (and keep) your business.

Highly Skilled

Our staff train regularly not only with the latest equipment but also with children to ensure that we are keeping those fly away hairs at bay, and Each child looks their absolute best and feels their best on photo day!