School Picture day 

Our goal is to make every picture day simple for our schools, while also making each child feel confident. We are passionate about making students smile and providing families with affordable and beautiful portraits of their child as they grow each year. 

  • Scheduling

    We work with your school to plan ahead for the entire year, from fall photos, spring photos, to makeups we want you to know exactly what to expect. We will also make time to check in with your school to give you the information needed to prepare. We will discuss the amount of time needed per student, and help you estimate timeframes to create a schedule for your staff as well to ensure picture day runs smoothly with as little interruption to the day as possible. It's important to us to have the schedule ahead of photo day to plan accordingly as things can change in an instance. Maybe a bus is running late, or perhaps a class is running behind. We want to be as flexible as possible and that means knowing ahead of time where our potential wiggle rooms are!

  • The Process

    We require a list of all students names, homerooms, grades, and parent/guardians email. We then use a secure and effective facial recognition software that quickly checks each child in and allows us to capture photos of them faster than ever. Making sure they are back to class with as little interruption as possible. The software can accurately place each student and their photos in the correct folders taking the guess work out of homerooms, children's names and even siblings. The software will then email the parents when their photos are ready! They are given unique access codes for each child (which they can share with other family members who would like to order) and they then use that code to view their students gallery!

  • Ordering

    Once photo day has been completed, photos proofs for ordering will be delivered to your parent body online via email. Doing away with paper forms, and the back and fourth of checks and cash allows for very simple delivery of photos. Parents can order from any device and our customer service team is available to take orders over the phone also for those who are unable to order online. With a wide variety of packages, backgrounds and products to choose from, parents will have a great opportunity to take those memories home for years to come.

  • Delivery of products

    We live in an age where we can have almost anything delivered at the speed of light. So we partner with one of the countries largest photo labs to print and delivery your photos as quickly as possible. All photos are shipped in bulk to the school unless otherwise selected by the parent/guardian. When placing the order there is an option to ship directly to home. Once the bulk shipping day has passed we offer shipping directly to home for the remainder of the school year.