Our goal is to make picture day for staff, families & children!

Schoolhouse Photos is a small team of local Cincinnati & the surrounding area photographers, dedicated to taking volume photography to the next level. Whether you are a school, sports league, dance academy or gymnastics team, we want to provide you with the most epic photos of your athletes and students as seamlessly as possible. 

We believe that can be achieved through constant growth on our end, open communication, trust & partnership with our schools, teams, and families. Our goal is simple, simplicity! 

To find out how we can simplify your photo day contact us today to schedule a consult! 

Showcase your athletes

Let our team create something memorable for your superstars!


Yearbooks, Class Composites, Class Photos, Fall photos, Spring Photos, Club Photos & Makeup days! We do it all, If you would like to learn more about how we streamline the photo day process at your school to cause as little interruption as possible contact us today to discuss how we can help you! 


Professional Studio Headshots, Full body Individual Photos, Retouching, Silhouettes, Sibling/Buddy Photos and much more! With dance it’s all about showcasing the talent of each dancer. We want each dancer to feel their most confident, dont wait to book your next dance season photos with us, we are eager to show you what we can offer! 


Composite Team Photos, Individuals, Memory Mates, Sibling/Buddy photos offered on a variety of products.  Everything from buttons to statues of your superstar! We have perfected our process for producing sports photos including shipping direct to each family taking the task of passing out packages of photos away from the coaches and delivering them to each families front door! 


Composited Team Photos, Individuals, Banners, Buddy/Sibling Photos & more! Gymnastics is all about flexibility and we are committed to working with each gym to create the perfect experience for each athlete. Dont wait to book a consult with us, let us show you how we can take your athletes photos to the next level!