Schoolhouse Photos is the answer to all of your Studio's photography needs. Brad and Mike are the owners and one of them, if not both, is at every Dance Studio shoot. Schoolhouse Photos offers top of the line prints, posters, collages and products at competitive prices. We know how much time and effort goes into your child's dance career, and we apply that same effort in making your dancer look and feel their best! Our clients return year after year because of our creativity, professionalism and dedication, but we don't forget to have fun too!


Why Schoolhouse Photos?



We are constantly introducing new techniques, products and options to our dance studios. We want you to get the same quality photographs every year along with fresh ideas.



We are a local small business. We have an excellent reputation to maintain which means we will work harder to earn (and keep) your business. Being local allows us to respond quickly and meet your needs. Our customer service is fast, friendly and handled personally by Brad and Mike, the owners.



Our dedication to our work is what sets us apart from other photographers. We are committed to delivering only the highest quality and most creative images.



Brad and Mike have a combined 35 years of photographic experience. They have been successful at shooting everything including; school portraits, youth sports, dance studios, weddings & professional and college sports.

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Dance Photo Tips/FAQs

  1. Q: When is our studio's photo day?
    A: You can call the owner of your studio or contact us here at Schoolhouse Photos to find out when your photo date is scheduled.  
  2. Q: How do I order my child's dance photos?
    A: You can either order online after setting up an account on this site or you can use the picture order form sent home with your child. If ordering online, please remember to write the online confirmation code on that same form that was sent home. If you order online or on the form sent home, please return the form with your child on photo day to be given to their instructor or one of the photographers.  Please complete one (1) form for each outfit/routine you want to purchase.  This allows us to indentify your child for each class.  
  3. Q: How long does it take to get our pictures back after photo day?
    A: All pictures and products will be delivered to the studio packaged, sorted and separated by class within 2-3 weeks.
  4. Q: What do you do with my personal information that I provide online and on the order form?
    A: We honor our client’s proprietary information and respect the privacy of  our parents, kids and studios.  We do not sell any information and only contact you if we have questions about your order.  We may, in the future, send you an email or two throughout the year about certain promotions we are having.  We promise not to bother you though!
  5. Q: What should my child bring for his/her photo day?
    A: Please confer with your instructor/studio owner as to what outfit(s) to wear.  We almost always shoot at your studio so there is plenty of room to get ready, change and also for parents to wait.  Be prepared with make-up and hairspray if desired!

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