About Us

Brad and Michael are Cincinnati natives who went to Elementary School together.  They didn’t reconnect until 2011 when a chance meeting found they’d both been working as photographers for over a decade.   Michael specialized in school pictures, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, events and youth sports.  Brad’s main focus was on portraiture and professional and college sports photography where he has been published in Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, EA Sports and with all of the trading card companies.

When Brad and Michael reconnected they talked about the current state of local school, youth sports, dance and high school senior photography and noticed a lack of quality, creativity and customer service.  They decided to be the change they wanted to see and banded together to create Schoolhouse Photos, LLC.

Mission Statement:

Schoolhouse Photos, LLC will provide professional, contemporary and creative photography to local schools, youth sports organizations, dance studios and high school seniors.  Our clients will receive the highest level of attention and commitment.  We will represent the client’s best interests.  We will honor our client’s proprietary information and respect the privacy of the kids, staff and coaches.




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